Windrider 16

The sheer enjoyment of sailing a hyperactive small trimaran. Leeward ama burying, mast bending, bow diving. It was designed by well known multihull sailboat designer Jim Brown.

Contactez directement le fabricant pour obtenir un devis et connaître les points de vente. The roomy cockpit accommodates a sailor and a chil and for bigger groups the optional trampolines o. Made from a specially-made oz.

Dacron, partial battens, with a sleeve luff,. Revolution, keine Evolution. Als eine Idee von John Marples, einer der Urväter der Multihull Segeln, können wir auf jeden Fall sicher sein, dass es eine Menge Trimaran Erfahrung in dem Design ist. Profile Jim Brown, the designer.

Yesterday I was considering the Hobie Island Adventure Trimaran, and today I thought I would look at a small trimaran about the same size, i. After purchasing a $1Garmin GPS at Walmart several weeks ago, I have been measuring my boat speed. Thus far, my top speed on the WR-in the ocean, with perhaps some help from the waves, was mph. Inside the harbor (no waves), my .

Allen possesses years of daysailing and camp cruising experience in a variety of small trimarans, so anyone considering one of these . Facile à naviguer, rapide -pilotage au pied dans le flotteur centrale -Parfait pour petit. Suggested Retail Price, $7. Total Sail Area ‎: ‎sq.

Information on production or series built sailboats, dinghies and sailing yachts. Weight, 25 (113kg). These multi-hull, user-friendly boats introduce the beginning sailor to the sport in a way never before possible. Nombre minimum de personnes à bord pour la cat. Catégorie de conception CE maxi, D. Voilure pres largeur, 2. Votre assurance plaisance avec AXA Yachting Solutions.

Compare Multiple Quotes for Sail Boats Shipping at uShip. Finansierar ditt båtköp. Selling a Beach Dolly with Wheel EeZ Balloon wheels for easy transport over sand. Selling a Beach Dolly with Wheel EeZ Balloon wheels for easy transport over sand and rocks.

Homemade from forum member design. Have used this dolly for several years. Great blend of value and performance.

Simple, fast and fun for anyone who wants to sail. Windrider Beach Dolly.