Torqeedo electric outboard

R Electric Outboard Motor. R operates at volts, . Tim of Green Boat Supply said earlier This is not water-skiing spee obviously. The company recently announced a partnership with Johnson Controls to modify an automotive drive battery from a plug-in hybrid to power . See what our expert engine experts said.

As part of the EcoBoats group we can also offer on water test drives in a number of locations in South East Queensland and in Sydney.

Torqeedo Travel 5Electric Outboard. With its integrated lithium batter and its outstanding efficiency, the Travel is the alternative to a small petrol outboard. The Travel easily propels tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1. Read the complete article with pictures.

Green energy, greater range, respect for the environment and on-board comfort. The first innovation is the BMW battery. Coming from automotive engineering, it was . Of the rowboats we have sold over the years, a surprisingly high percentage have gone out the door with motor pads on them, so it dawned on us that a clean, quiet electric motor would pair nicely with our Whitehalls. Ultralight 4with 3Wh battery, while adding just 3.

Remote Short Electric Outboard Motors PLUS Bonus Features. We specialize in electric boats and electric inboard and outboard motors, along with. GPS receiver giving range and speed. Can do everything that a 1. Join us in clean boating!

The foldable Toqeedo outboards with integrated lithiummanganese high- performance battery redefine mobility! With their integrated lithium-manganese, high-performance battery, the Travel motors are the only electric outboard motors which . These electric outboards really pack a bunch of power. They are revolutionizing the electric boat market with performance. Now sits in my garage with an error message that will not clear.

Has anyone else got a story to tell about their electric outboard – good or bad? Or am I the only mug to ever buy one? What does the supplier you bought it from say? If you want I can send . Positive: Fishhook proof. Made in WA (so warranty issues easier?) Negative: Can go a little soft in heat (some buckling on davits – reversible).

Their hp outboard has the motor contained in the powerhea much like the Ray Electric outboard. The company, best-known as the distributors of Yanmar Diesel engines, has appointed Tim Davies to establish the network.

There is a compelling alternative to small combustion outboards. The advancements in lithium-ion batteries reached the point where their useful range and charging times made them a sensible option at a reasonable cost. At just over thirty pounds, the entire motor and battery can be easily . Thanks to the on-board computer with its GPS-based calculation of the remaining range, you always have your own travel guide with you.

The TorqTrac Bluetooth module and . The outboard has been very lightly used and is in very good condition. The new generation, the Cruise 10. R, is equivalent to a 20HP combustion engine.