Star brite premium marine polish

The special polymer coating provides unmatched protection against UV rays, seal the surface to repel stains and deliver a deep, long-lasting gloss. Es soll anstelle von Wachs eingesetzt werden. Image utilisateur de Paul M. No other product is needed for a perfect en durable protection.

I use the Star Brite Cleaner Wax before if the hull is dirty.

Polish haute performance. Marine prenium polish super protection pour fibre de verre, métaux et surfaces peintes. Ecran anti-UV aidant à ralentir la décoloration.

Les chimistes de Starbrite ont fait une découverte technologique extraordinaire, un polish qui permet une protection résistante et superlisse,repoussant crasse, saleté, huile et taches. The ultimate protection for fibreglass, metal and painted surfaces. Shop with confidence – get free shipping to . De ultieme bescherming voor polyester, aluminium en metalen oppervlakken.

The PTEF polymers provide unmatched protection against UV rays, seal the surface to repel stains and deliver a deep, long-lasting gloss. Gael Force – suppliers of the best and biggest choice of marine equipment chandlery in the UK. Easy to apply and provides a beautiful gloss that reduces drag while it repels dirt, grime and stains. Ideal for all fresh water and salt water marine applications.

See more product details . UV inhibitors help stop fading and . A polish that not only leaves an exceptional shine, but also offers high protection against new dirt. Silicone- and abrasive-free liquid with non-stick technology, intended for plastics, metals an unusually, also for one-component painted surfaces. Product Safety: For this product the . Excellent Customer Service, Ready to Ship. Application is simple, whether by hand or w. Does the hull need protecting after an in-depth clean with Star brite Hull Cleaner ? Yes, it is highly recommended to protect the hull to avoid the rapid reappearance of stains and to remove the slightly dull aspect caused by the application of the Hull Cleaner. Before polishing, wash surface to remove grit and dirt (we recommend Star brite Boat Wash or Star brite Sea Safe Biodegradable Boat Wash).

Apply evenly with a clean cloth to a small area in a circular motion while polish is wet.

STAR BRITE premium marine polish gives boats a non-stick gloss that will reduce drag as well as protect against dirt, grime and stains. Can be used on all fiberglass, vinyl, metal and painted surfaces. Maximum UV protection and shine. Easy-to -use – wipe on, let dry, wipe off. Leaves a super smooth, non- stick PTEF coating , which . Poleringsmiddel med teflon.

Ypperlig for gelcaot og lakkerte overflater. Overflaten blir svært glatt og gir langt bedre levetid enn andre poleringsmidler. Sikkerhetsdatabla Last ned.

Produktenes lagerbeholdning oppdateres en gang i døgnet. Vi tar forbehold om avvik, spesielt ved lav .