Racing paddles

Faster, Lighter, Stronger, Better. If you are a coach hopefully you will find it useful to direct . Welcome to the Paddle Wizard by Epic Kayaks! Do you race , paddle for the health benefits, or just do it for fun? Hand made, carbon fiber, marathon canoe racing paddles.

Experience the ripple effect.

The signature feature of all Quickblade paddles is excellent. The Warp, the development of the Nordic, is the newest creation of the racing paddles. This revolutionary paddle was developed by Martin Heidrich,. With the Grand Prix race paddle our innovative, long and thin blade shape gives a softer catch to keep your strokes per minute up, without having to sacrifice blade surface area.

So while your competitors are focused on going smaller you can . Important Features of Grey Owl Racing Paddles. As you get ready to undertake your aquatic adventure, . Using the latest technology and only the finest materials Edge racing paddles will give you the EDGE.

Edge paddles are made from the best composite materials available using leading cutting technology. They are manufactured with carbon graphite fibres and high quality epoxy resin. With help from top paddlers, Edge . Very good for ladies and junior serious paddlers.

This is a smaller designed blade, with excellent catch making it suitable for sprint and marathons paddling. It offers a great combination of power and size, making it an. Image used with permission from Quickblade paddles (quickblade.com).

For many paddle athletes paddle choice is an afterthought. Paddle selection, however, should be given as much (or more) consideration than your SUP race board. Poor paddle selection may result in decreased performance, fatigue, . Browse our racing paddles for SUP boards and dominate the competition with one of our high performance racing SUP paddles. I asked him how much the propeller cost and he said it was a very expensive racing propeller. Prior to that time I never thought about differences in propellers since I did not use powerboats.

Specializing in custom designed carbon fibre paddle. Gara Racing Paddles , Waterfall, South Africa. Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles for Touring, Race or Leisure.

When looking to get into racing, either competitively or for sport, we recommend you go for the best racing paddle boards. These are boards that help you to reach maximum speed and maintain it throughout the race.

Racing boards move so quickly because they have little drag in the water.