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Double your fun in a Pack Boat built for two ! The quintessential multi. Canadian Pack Boat Pricing. For US Pricing and all Pricelist downloads please visit our Downloads Page.

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We design, build and sell double-paddle ultralight custom pack canoes. Our Lost Pond Boats are ideal for a wide range of paddling, whether pond-hopping in the Adirondack wilderness, river-tripping in the wilds of Maine, cruising the Boundary Waters of the Midwest or exploring the swamps of . Old Town Pack Big Guy Test – Duration: 2:54. A few words about Packable Boats : Canoes and kayaks that you can pack for travel are generally folding or inflatable. Both have their special advantages, and Pakboats combine the best features of both. In each Pakboat, a complete aluminum frame provides efficient lines and rigidity, while inflatable tubes provide.

Modeled after our popular Adirondack kayaks, the Pack is stable, roomy, and remarkably lightweight. These versatile little boats allow anyone to get on the water, anytime, anywhere.

Cette nouvelle technologie . GROUPE – MONOCOQUE 3B CAMO ANATEC. ANATEC MATERIEL AMORCAGE PECHE CARPE MONOCOQUE 3B CAMO. Folding Boats Co builds folding boats – the K- PAK – designed to get you out on the water no matter where you are. Urban or rural, city or back-country, our folding kayak design – that fits into a backpack – is geared for versatility and fun.

Capacity: up to 3pounds. Check out what makes the Adirondack Pack and Pack 13. This boat is like a sports car. Building Strip-Planked Boats view contents. Build this boat if: You want an ultralight, fast, and comfortable canoe with lots of eye appeal.

You like the look of a classic canoe that can become an heirloom . But there are a few important considerations that you should keep in mind: . If you use this system for cargo, you will have a chair to sit in at camp. They do not weigh very much, and they tie down easily on the front of the boat. You may want to try a number of ideas that follow for the back of .