Ocean kayak trident 11

Contactez directement le fabricant pour obtenir un devis et connaître les points de vente. The Trident features a bow hatch, large tank well and roomy cockpit. The smallest in our Trident line, this kayak really packs a punch. Ocean Kayak Trident Angler – Duffers first OK Review (Click on any of the images to open larger versions).

Simple answer, I thought every man . If you call yourself a fisherman, quit messing around with old rowboats and jumbled gear, and get yourself to the honey hole in fully-equipped style with the Trident Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak from the fish fanatics at Ocean Kayak.

Designed to be stable and maneuverable, the Trident boasts a surprising 400lb weight . Camo Color Swatch Yellow Color Swatch Urban Camo Swatch. Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident Angler – The Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident Angler is small, stable and Packs a punch. Navigate inland waters, slow moving rivers, and moderate ocean swells with confidence. Available at REI, 1 Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We are Ocean Kayak dealers near Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara , London. For over a decade, kayak fishermen have been using Ocean Kayak sit-on-tops to reach previously unfishable waters. The result of all this is a feature-packed fishing kayak series unlike anything else on the market!

Celebrating Years Of Exploring.

From the videos I see on , they look like a decent company that makes good kayaks. Do any of you have an opinion on Ocean Kayaks? Are their kayaks in the same category as . Changes to the Trident , and include the addition of the Active Comfort System 2. ACS2) for all-day comfort, redesigned Mod Pod for gear management, gunnel accessory tracks, generous hatch . OCEAN KAYAK TRIDENT ANGLER. Gunnel accessory tracks. ACSSeat for all-day comfort.

Oversize tank well with bungee and cooler option. Battery storage bag in bow hatch. Accessory plate with Transducer Compatible Scupper. Support Track foot brace system. The adjustable foot braces fit most leg lengths and allow you to ride with ease – a great choice for inland waters, slow moving rivers and moderate ocean swells.

For storing gear, snacks, beer, and all the other fishing necessities, the Trident has a large bow hatch with a special pocket for your fish finder batteries, and an oversize stern . Designed to maneuver effortlessly in slow moving rivers, inland waters and small ocean swells, the Trident Angler from Ocean Kayak may be the smalles.