Land paddle

Bénéficiez des conseils du team pour choisir le meilleur équipement. Dispo en stock et livraison express offerte. Découvrez le land paddling , adaptation du stand up paddling à la glisse urbaine. Kahuna Creations makes it possible to Stand Up.

Original inventors of the Land Paddle. We have the happiest customers in the world! Welcome to LandPaddleUK.

Le Land Paddle en France: La page de la pratique des paddlers urbains sous toutes ses formes: balades,. Sportmania est le seul land paddle shop officiel en Suisse de la marque Kahuna, les inventeurs du land paddle ! Livraison gratuite à partir de 100. Land paddling is a new and fast growing board sport.

Inspired by stand up paddleboarding (SUP surfing) that can be done by anybody on any smooth surface. Textured ball hand grip. Patente multi- directional tip gives 1 ground contact. Land Paddling (sometimes called street SUP) is great crossover training for Stand Up Paddle boarding. No wetsuit, no drive to the beach, just a great way to sneak in a quick paddle!

Why limit your paddling to the ocean when you can dominate the streets! At the beach I had seen people on long boards pushing themselves around with these big sticks. They looked pretty fun so I was interested in getting one. The panda-friendly Bamboo Kahuna Big Stick has an incredible feel and heavy flex, which delivers energy return on each stroke by “flex and snap” energy – a must in your quiver.

The shaft is made of solid bamboo, and the flex mimics the feel of paddling in wave on a paddleboard. Take your land paddling to the next level . Getting started in land paddling , also known as Street SUP, is easier than in most sports. Here is a brief guide on the land . Créations est la marque qui a inventé le land paddling. Toutes les boards de la marque Kahuna.

Avec les longboards land paddle , vous pourrez surfez dans les rues en utilisant un grand longboard et un bâton. Land Paddling is the use of a land paddle and a longboard skateboard to propel yourself across the pavement. Land Paddling , paddle skating, skate paddling is an amazing new sport, a great workout and fun for the entire family.

Try land paddling today. Grab your longboard skateboard and build a Land Paddle by Kevin Phillips. Hammerhead land paddle constructed of one piece carbon fiber sold as combo with board or solo.

Exact same design used in SUP surfing – Adjustables also available. Real SUP deck padding with kick pad. Stay fit and core strong with the same paddling motion as stand up paddle boarding. You won;t believe the endless . Big Stick Land Paddle : Take the freedom of stand up paddleboarding to the streets. Pilot your longboard with a big stick for increased confidence when stopping and steering.

Would you like to enhance stand up paddle boarding by land paddling ? Having been an avid land paddle rider for several years now I am frequently asked what it is and if it actually mimics stand up paddle boarding. For those that have not been exposed to it, land paddling or street SUP is a quickly . Land Paddling was born out of Stand Up Paddleboarding in the USA, and has seen a huge growth in popularity across the world. The Kahuna Paddle was the first of its kin made exclusively for long boarding and it has created .