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Tiderace is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We are proud to be working with a highly regarded . This represents new thinking of how the next generation of sea kayaks look and perform. Aimed at paddlers looking to progress to the next level. Xcape S, Xcape, Xcape X. Laissons de coté le Lettman Magellan qui est un très bon . Le Vortex, premier kayak polyéthylène de la marque, reprend les lignes de carène du Xtra en composite. TideRace est donc parti sur des options architecturales radicales avec un bouchain vif et un fond très plat.

Le volume est centré sur le cockpit . River Piers (Pier 40), Suite 10. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community! Unfortunately, they are no longer being made. The Pace tour carries a load more efficiently over a . Kayak -Online assurera la.

I am currently looking to buy my first kayak. Originally I was set on the Scorpio HV , but a composite boat has been looming in my mind for sometime. The nearest Valley dealer is over hours away. I am about 190cm tall and weigh 113kg . It surfs, it carves, it edges. The Xcite has ample speed to get you to the . Typical of our “summer” now . Designed by Aled Williams, a chap we have the utmost respect for as a kayak oracle, shaping hulls that just do exactly what you want them to do, and built up to now at Cobra International in Thailan one . Nous étions à décidé si nous allons prendre cette ligne ou non.

Xplore-L, kayak de mer de randonnée. Dans ce cas, nous irons . I had a love–hate relationship with this boat during the initial part of the expedition leading up to the record attempt. Petite Annonce: bon plan. The boat has a Keel Eazy Keel Strip.

XPLORE Touring series The Touring series appeal to sea kayakers who want get away from i. Tide Race Play – Comfortable Intermediate. The Bay of Fundy with its largest tidal ranges in the world creates many areas to play in the current. This session is designed to enhance your comfort level in tide race environment. Participates will work on breaking in and out of currents,paddling in current, reading moving water.

The compact boat format saves weight and makes full use of the waterline length while the four hatch layout, signature cockpit and expedition quality . This is a cracking good spot as the water is fast but with some good breakouts to regroup and coach. Tour de Rozel works best on about hour after low tide on tides between 32ft-35ft.