Kayak frenzy

Stable et très maniable, leFrenzy est multi fonctionnel, il est aussi agréable en balade que dans les vagues. This little kayak is responsive and stable, playful in the surf, but behaves well on flat water. Perfect for a wide range of paddlers from children to adults. Pour mon utilisation, sera en bords de marne et en mer côte du morbihan.

A fun video on the Frenzy at Crystal Beach Texas.

One can be yours, visit ACK. Enjoy a new perspective that puts you in touch with the water with a stable, forgiving design. Available at REI, 1 Satisfaction Guaranteed. Take a look at the Frenzy. Il permettra à vos enfants de vous accompagner partout.

Kayak Bic Ouassou Fashion. Are you looking for compact, affordable fun for everyone in the family? It has the stability and fun of the Yak Board with the addition of a strong keel line for good tracking in a compact craft.

Forgiving in the surf, riding waves or . By combining a built in keel with short length, the Frenzy can track straight yet maintain incredible maneuverability . Sirve tanto para pasear como para surfear. Máxima diversión tanto en aguas bravas como en aguas tranquilas. Un kayak estable y seguro para poder disfrutar en nuestras costas.

Stability and fun with the addition of a strong keel line for good tracking. The Frenzy is the most popular sit-on-top kayak for all the family. You will not be disappointed with this kayak. Be prepare you might need more than one!

Features Its excellent stability assists greatly with deep water re-entry For . With excellent stability and a strong keel line for good tracking in this compact craft. A recreational all-rounder, suitable for flat water exploring and small waves. Espace moulé pour les pieds.

New to kayaking and need something affordable and beginner friendly? The length is short enough that it can be easily transported and carried to the water. The pronounced keel keeps it tracking straight.


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