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Float tube Fish Cat OUTCAST. Ce float tube possède une assise et un dossier rigide en mousse. Ces floats tubes possèdent une assise et un dossier rigide gonflable. Welcome to Johns Fishing Channel!

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Im John and I love to fish ! Используется совместно с ластами и забродным комбинезоном. Имеет малый размер в сложенном виде. The Fish Cat Deluxe-LCS is for you if You love to still water fish in lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

Other features include two Boston valves and sewn seams. Ideal for fishing still . Above-water seating sits high for a drier ride.

Padded foam seat and backrest for all-day fishing comfort. Pack- cloth top resists punctures and tears. PVC bottom reduces drag for less fatigue. Review brought to you by now defunct Riverwire.

Since we receive more questions on the Outcast Fat Cat and Fish Cat series float tubes than all other products combine we thought it would be a good idea to get all four of these tubes on the . A very affordable, comfortable fishing float tube with a high-back design for comfort and stability. Open front for easy accessibility and the foam seat offers a high ride. This fishing float tube package includes: float tube , pump, fins, and boat bag for easy portability. Two gear packs on each arm plus stripping platform. Above-the-water seating and U-boat design let you stay warmer and move faster on lakes and ponds so you can cover more water.

The fully inflatable seat and backrest allow compact transport. Can be outfitted with optional anchor system. OUTCAST FISH CAT DELUXE Siège et dossier gonflable pour plus de hauteur et de confort. Sujet de conversation float tube jmc commando Vs outcast fish cat lancé dans la section forum sur le matériel.

Forum de discussion axé sur la pêche des carnassiers aux appâts artificiels: leurres, mouches, carnassiers, truites, mer.

Posez vos questions, publiez vos reports, partagez avec les membres de . Mon float – tube haut de gamme favori ! The Fish Cat Deluxe-LCS includes all the innovative features of the Fish Cat – LCS, such as high seating and big cargo pockets, but comes in a fully inflatable. The inflatable seat and seat back provide greater comfort for longer fishing days and allows the boat to deflate into a smaller more portable size. The number one-selling float tube in the U. Deluxe, except the seat and backrest are foam.