Dora baltea rafting

In the Northern Alps, behind the Italian side of Mont Blanc, the Dora Baltea is an institution among the glacial rivers of Europe. We raft between Courmayeur and Villeneuve, almost to Aosta. Over 26km of large volume water, with a steeper gradient than the other rivers, await you.

This is what is known as Alpine white water. A découvrir avec EssaOnia.

Venez decouvrir le Colorado Europeen en rafting. Video girato unicamente con GOPROe montato con IMOVIE Mac. Prix : A partir de €. Rafting sur la Dora Baltéa. Journée : descentes sportives . Stiamo parlando naturalmente del rafting , uno sport giovane e sempre più . Après un petit café à la Fontina, nous rentrons vite dans le vif du sujet !

Les consignes de sécurité donnée, vous embarquerez sur la Dora. Après une première partie pour prendre vos marques, le guide choisiera un deuxième parcours plus ou moins engagé selon . A – person raft , led by a fully qualified white water river Guide. With the best choice of out of a possible sections of river, your selection will be based on the level of the river and the team in the boat, everyone is guaranteed a day to remember ! Réserver vos places: du lundi au vendredi 10. Vai alle discese rafting. Dora Baltea River, situated in northern Italy, is the left hand tributary of the well- known river Po.

The water body is almost 1km in terms of length and is just the ideal place to go for a rafting expedition. The river has its source in Mont Blanc where the Dora di Ferret converges with the Dora di Veny. Totemadventure is incrediblyespeciallyextremelyincredibly fun and professional. Navigate the highest section of the Dora Baltea , where the strongest rapids are!

We are the only company qualified to run this technical section. It is a left-hand tributary of the Po River and is about 1kilometres (1mi) long. River mouth ‎: ‎Po River near Crescentino Basin size ‎: ‎890.

A short journey to Italy takes us to the river. Une des plus belles rivières Européennes !

Lieu et parcours : Rivière la Dora . This weekend gathers one of the beautiful river of the Alpine Alps in raft , the Dora Baltea and the descent of an exceptional canyon of the Aosta Valley, the Chalami. Essaonia prises par des membres de TripAdvisor.