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Nos deux prototypes étant désormais opérationnelle, ils vont dés lors être testé en situation. La version définitive du canoë sera commercialisé courant de cette année. Restauration et transformation ROCCA dinghy. Nous venons de terminer les travaux sur un Rocca Dinghy des années 60.

Now open at our new location at 4Magnolia Ave Merritt Island Stop By! Celebrating our 15th Year in Brevard County.

Come Visit the New Location. THE NEW LOCATION IS GREAT AND EASY TO FIND. With modern, comprehensive facilities in both communities, few other operations on the Great Lakes offer such a range of available services and strength of experience.

We are the premier Pennsylvania Boat dealership. We also offer short term and long term boat rentals. With everything from off-the truck and into the water boat packages to custom built craft . LIFE VESTS AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT.

ELECTRONICS AND ACCESSORIES. Specializing in wooden boat repair and construction, among other things!

Building Boats, Nurturing Lives, Helping Others. Check out our catalogs to see what we have. Complete sailboat sales and service. Racing rigging and hull, keel, and rudder fairing our specialty. Custom tillers in use world-wide.

Shortly after founding the company, Chris was hiring employees and expanding to meet the growing demand. Today, TBS has full- time staff and . Chandlery, Boating Equipment, Boating Supplies, Boating Accessories and Fishing Tackle. Photo by Hailey Redlevske.

It was fully involved when we got there,” Belgrade Fire and Rescue Chief Daniel McKenzie said Saturday afternoon. We engage in the essential activities of a boatyar such as boatbuilding, boat repair, vessel restoration, boat use, community launching events, and documentation of historically significant boats. Boat Shop Perth, Western Australia.

Most of our spare time is spent on the water using the very products we sell. We ensure we stay up to date with the latest trends, information and technology. It is our passion for the water that allows us to customize your boat to your exact .