Axis p12

Elles conviennent parfaitement pour équiper . Network connector see page 8. Power connector see page 8. AXIS PSeries Installation Guide. Ajouter au panier Voir le produit.

Caméra IP 720p maniature PoE. Le logiciel prend en charge un grand nombre de langues. The cameras can be installed on or flush-mounted in walls or ceilings, in elevators or in limited . It shows how they easily blend into a variety of environments where space is limited or a covert installation is required.

A portion of this movie was filmed at Tutankhamun, His tomb and His treasures, an exhibition . Alimentation par Ethernet ( PoE) . The design allows the cameras to easily blend in with the environment.

Extremely discreet surveillance. Телекамера сетевая миниатюрная HDTV с горизонтальным углом обзора 81°. Поддерживает microSD и NAS. Отложить Убрать из отложенных. Серия Axis Pпредставлена миниатюрными сетевыми камерами с высокими рабочими характеристиками для секретного видеонаблюдения внутри и снаружи помещений.

Уникальный и практичный дизайн этих камер обеспечивает простоту интеграции в любую обстановку, что делает их идеальными . As the leader in network video surveillance, Axis offers the most advanced security and safety benefits. With the IP advantage, not only do you have cutting- edge surveillance, but you also get an easy, cost-effective way to improve customer . Les caméras AXIS de la série Psont des caméras miniatures HDTV 720p au concept innovant pour une vidéosurveillance ultra discrète. The unique form factor and small size of the sensor unit, enables flush mounting at places where a concealed application is required. Axis presenta una nuova serie di mini-telecamere HDTV progettate per ottenere la massima discrezione nella realizzazione di sistemi di sorveglianza indoor e outdoor. These cameras are perfect for covert installations or where a discreet and compact surveillance solution is required.

The Axis Pseries is comprised of miniature high definition cameras designed for discreet or covert applications. Despite their small stature they have the same robust features as many full sized Axis cameras including 720p HD resolution, an SD card slot for on-board video storage, POE power, . No products were found matching your selection.

This unique device can provide fill. Find a wide selection of Video Surveillance Products at Winncom Technologies corp. Cable from sensor unit going in the direction of the lens.