Antifouling velox plus

Spécialement destiné aux hélices, z-drives, axes, flaps. VELOX PLUS ne se dégrade pas, ni avec le mouvement, ni avec les. Sa tenue et son efficacité sont excellentes. Livraison et retours GRATUITS. Velox Plus is great antifouling paint but only if applied correctly.


Les prix moins chères dans nautique. Le meilleure assistance et service après vente dans votre magasin de nautique. It is loaded with zinc pyrithione (1 ), a highly effective biocide for combating barnacles, mussles and all forms of vegatative growth. Some of you will know that the Med boats are subject to very aggressive fouling of exposed sterngear and bowthruster parts.

Its common for boats to lose several knots of speed in only a few weeks during Spring and Summer. I have tried PropSpeed in the past with . It is not degraded by galvanic currents that are responsible paint detachment. Wash and degrease carefully all metallic surfaces.

Achetez Primer métal 2ml pour hélices antifouling velox plus : Amazon.

Appliquer préalablement une couche de Métal Primer. Velox plus a une très bonne tenue mécanique et galvanique. Now available at boatpaint. In the past we have not been greatly concerned in this country by propeller fouling. However, in recent years this situation has changed presumably because of rising sea temperatures and fertilizer run off in rivers and estuaries.

On the south coast we are particularly vulnerable to outbreaks of fouling carried from warmer . Pintura antivegetativa Velox Plus. Sinon primaire et antifouling vélox. Anti fouling specific for submersed metal parts, as shafts, propellers and stern- drives. Available colours: white, grey. Discount prices and fast delivery from marinechandlery.

Special antifouling paint for propellers, stern drives, shafts and other underwater metallic parts. It provides outstanding adhesion and efficacy. Resistant to galvanic currents, that are the main responsible of film detachments.

VELOX Plus is a special anti-fouling product for bronze propellers and other submerged parts such as the shaft, shaft strut and the end piece of the stern tube, as well as Z-drives and steering gear. Along with very effective action against fouling it also provides good protection against electrolysis. To achieve this, it is .