Antifouling shogun

Seajet 0Shogun antifouling. Bonne protection pendant saisons. Application de couches. Recommandé pour, Zones de hautes salissures pour tous types de bateaux. Principaux avantages, Excellente performance dans tous les domaines (ayant subi de nombreax essais avec succès).

Deux couches dureront deux saisons. Nombre de couches par saison, 1. Livraison et retours GRATUITS. Un antifouling haute qualité, sans étain, autolustrant pour tous les types de bateau, sauf aluminium.

Protection contre la végétation de première classe, également en cas de végétation difficile. Naturally I replied in the affirmative and informed the chap that my 29ft boat would be kept on a ¾ tide drying mooring in the Emsworth channel, Chichester. I was duly supplied with one 750ml tin of 0. Very effective, self polishing antifouling also for difficult encrustation situations.

Suitable for all boat building materials except aluminium. SEAJET 0SHOGUN antifouling. Adheres to most hard and self polishing antifouling (not those containing Teflon).

Sanding before the next coating is not necessary. A resin of active ingredients in this self-polishing paint discourages fouling. Your boat will need a top up of anti-fouling paint every two seasons, as the paint works by slowly releasing . I keep my 10m Beneteau yacht in an East Coast tidal marina. Typically, by the end of the season the hull has a layer of slime, with a few barnacles where the bottom of the keel has sat in the mud at LWS.

This year, there was so much weed . Available to order now with Worldwide delivery. The use of copolymeric resins provide a unique hydration mechanism resulting in outstanding antifouling performance. Its selfpolishing character prevents building up of old paint layers and provides an ever smooth . Antifouling for yachts and motorboats.

Three coats will last for seasons and has a test winning performance. Technical Data Coverage – 8. Ltr Touch Dry – hrs at 5°C, hrs at 20°C Re-coat Time – Minimuhrs at . Es eignet sich für Boote mit. Recommended for antifouling for yachts and motorboats. Discount prices and fast delivery from marinechandlery. Shogun gewährleistet einen erstklassigen Bewuchsschutz auch bei schwierigen Bewuchsverhältnissen.

Zwei Anstriche halten bis zu zwei Saisons, ein Anstrich für eine . Erstklassiger Bewuchsschutz, auch bei schwierigen Bewuchsverhältnissen. Höchstgeschwindigkeit bis Knoten. Fläche des Unterwasserschiffes: m².