Alpacka raft

Manufacturing ultralight, high-performance, low-maintenance, and bombproof packrafts for years. Alpacka Raft , Mancos, CO. Packrafting in Washington. Quickly and easily inflate your favorite blow up doll. This series explores the pros and cons of each brand of packraft.

Careful planning, calculation and only the toughest gear will do. So when Thor Tingey returned from yet another epic packrafting trip (a combination of backpacking and rafting ) outside of Chugiak with his raft weighted down by patches (again), he went . This pack raft has been a game changer in the types of trips that I am able to do. Backbone Media will build awareness and exposure throughout the active . Inscrivez-vous sur LinkedIn gratuitement. The boat that started it all! This raft is still in the sub-six pound class of boat but is long enough that with the bike attached to the bow I can still get a full forward stroke with my paddle.

Hull speed on flat-water is 2. The Caribou is the lightest and most packable full-size packraft on the . De har specialiserat sig på ultralätta uppblåsbara kanoter konstruerade för vildmarken och båtlivet. Den är lätta att använda och är mångsidiga. All of our boats are handmade in Mancos, Colorado by a small team of local craftsmen and women. Although the idea remains simple, we have been developing our techniques, materials, and designs for over years to create the lightest, most durable, and effective packrafts in the world. I consider packraft as one of the most, if not the most, rewarding investments into outdoor gear I have ever made.

Typically when jumping into a new hobby, it would be great to have the opportunity to try it out, to see if it fits, before going full monty. But I have a habit of getting involved in . Here you will find products and services based around the combination of trekking and adventure watersports. The Cargo Fly is an airtight, waterproof zipper system in the stern of the boat.

Opening this zipper allows access to the inside of the tubes to store your gear. With careful planning, everything can now go inside your raft rather than strapped on the bow in a pack. Made entirely in the USA, each one is outfitted with their all-new patent pending 12-inch high volume stern and hull and to maximize stability, predictability, and forgiveness in even the most challenging whitewater rapids.

Alaska, Forrest McCarthy, . Each Gnarwhal also comes . They have been developing their techniques and materials for over years to create the lightest, most durable and effective quality American Made packrafts in the world. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. HQ Address: North 4th St, Suite 1.