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MarineTraffic Live Ships Map. Discover information and vessel positions for vessels around the world. Search for popular ships globally.

Find locations of ports and ships using the near Real Time ships map. VesselFinder is a FREE AIS vessel tracking web site. Vessel Finder is a vessel tracking system , which offers the users chance for vessel tracking in real time totally for free.

There is Android and iOs version. Please wait to allow for the map to re-generate with ship postions with each screen movement. Gràce à une émission sur des canaux VHF des positions, cap, nature du navire, longueur et destination, il permet à chaque navire de repérer les bateaux dans son secteur et de comprendre leurs mouvements. The use of online vessel tracking services has increased exponentially over the last couple of years.

Several websites provide ship tracking using the automatic identification system ( AIS ) to display real time location of the ships. Connected to the largest network of AIS receivers, the app covers most major ports and shipping routes. Long press on the chart to get radar traffic marine information.

Combined with a shore station, this system also offers port authorities and maritime safety bodies the ability to manage maritime traffic and reduce the . Maps show number of vessels using class A AIS (vessels 300grt, all passenger ships regardless of size, AIS working and not switched off, position info is accurate) and vessels carrying class B AIS (vessels 300t, fishing vessels, recreational craft).

The data have been derived from a UK data set and . Aegean Sea in the Mediterranean. It does bring up some layer names and such in the TOC but no info will appear on the map. Cookies and local storage help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies and local storage. Please refresh the map or login for auto- refresh.

Earth is the world leader in Satellite AIS data services. Providing global shipping and vessel tracking information to authorities looking for accurate maritime intelligence. Receiving Stations – Statistics on coverage and propagation of AIS receiving stations. Register your own station. Data Exchange – Coming Soon.

Send and Receive AIS data based on standardized . PLZZZZZ tell me if anybody know how to do it. The Automatic Identification System ( AIS ) is an automatic tracking system used on ships and by vessel traffic services (VTS) for identifying and locating vessels by electronically.