Agility paddle

The strapless design fits the natural contour of the hand and teaches you to apply positive pressure throughout your stroke. If you do not maintain a proper stroke, the paddle will let you know by shifting or falling off. Watch the latest episode of GoSwim.

In one sense the Agility is a traditional paddle , designed to increase the surface area of your hand and so create more resistance to the water. However, the paddle is uniquely .

CONOMISEZ – PVC 2€ maintenant seulement 1€. Livraison GRATUITE selon le montant total de vos achats. Comfortable thumb hole creates proper hand placement with thumb and fingers in ideal position.

Due to the paddles strapless design, incorrect technique will cause the paddle to fall off the . These agility paddles have an intriguing design and many unique advantages, including being strapless. These are one of the best paddles on the market and a great value. The convex shape requires a proper palm-positive hand position.

Additionally, the absence of straps makes for a simplified fit, eliminating the hassle of broken or uncomfortable straps. The Agility paddles are a versatile tool for all four . Mahdolliset toimitustavat: Posti Economy 1 Suomi, SmartPOST, Nouto Mäkelänrinteen uintikeskus Essenuoto Shop, Nouto myymälästä – Lauttasaari. Nauhattomuuden ansiosta . As much as I like to make fun of the people who swim wearing fins, a snorkel, a pull buoy, and paddles all at once, extra swim gear does have a limited place in a quality swim training program.

Most of your swim training should be done without fins, paddles, and the like, since, . You may have seen people using hand paddles in the pool before, from large . Size: Select Size, S, M, L. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Customers Who Viewed This Product Also Viewed. Features: Hand paddles with an ergonomically advanced design. Strapless paddles are more comfortable throughout practice.

Convex design helps with early catch and . The strapless Agility hand paddles help a swimmer maintain proper fundamental hand placement during all . Ergonomically advanced design. The strapless and convex design reminds swimmers to swim with good technique and maintain early vertical forearm position.

The ergonomically-advanced design of the Agility paddles teaches an early vertical forearm position to increase stroke efficiency. Agility Paddles teaches swimmers the correct palm positive hand position.